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13681 North Litchfield Road, Surprise, AZ, 85379, US


Tucked inside the lovely City of Surprise, AZ, find our cozy little shop, filled with the fresh aroma
​ and a beautifully wide-array of nostalgic, house-made pastries and sweets.


The Boyer bakery has been nothing but amazing. We drive over 30mins to get our sweet treats. Not many local bakeries have gluten free options. And for the fact they have multiple choices daily is the best!
They are such a family friendly business. I wish them nothing but success and we will continue to visit.

I feel like the lady who posted the bad review is just a gift card chasing troll. I can't even imagine that incident happening at this establishment.

— Susan

The cutest local bakery you will find in the west valley! I finally got the chance to try this place after plenty of recommendations from friends and family. They have a variety of pastries (homemade pop-tarts, muffins, sugar cookies, and so much more) and the BEST coffee. Aside from the tasty treats and drinks, they have the best customer service.
Villa F. recently wrote a nasty review accusing the store to be racist and I'd like to mention I am Hispanic and a veteran and got nothing but friendly and welcoming treatment by the staff. If you have not tried this place I highly recommend you giving it a try. Just a heads up they can get busy which is no surprise with how popular they are so try to go early morning when they open!

— Maria

Amazing Bakery! A must visit. My sister and I ventured on Xmas Eve because I was wanting to go for weeks and we jumped in the car and drove 30 mins to wait in line here. But I must tell you it was worth it. Every single baked good was to die for! Prices are very reasonable and you can totally cut each one into like 4 pieces because they are so large. Literally can't go wrong with anything. The pop tart was so fun & delicious. Only flavor left on Xmas Eve was Cherry (since they sold out of all the rest)- I don't even like Cherry, but I got one and it was sooo good! Fresh everything.

Treat yourself to a coffee & pastry from here any day of the week. This family works their butt off to bring you fresh & delicious everything. I will definitely be back.

— Cassandra

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