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3009 West Agua Fria Freeway, Phoenix, AZ, 85027, US

Phone: (623) 374-4563


At Poké Bar, we believe fast food should be fresh food. From our premium ingredients to our exceptional service, eating healthy has never been easier—or more enjoyable!


This company started in LA and I really enjoy their restaurants there. This is the first one I've seen in Arizona so I naturally had to try it out.

It was even better than I expected. Service was outstanding by friendly, helpful Manager Danielle. I had a large bowl with raw salmon, tuna, scallops, shrimp for proteins. Everything else included rice, crab, cucumbers, sesame, cilantro, house sauce, wasabi sauce and one of my favorites: edamame!.

It was super delicious and I savored every bite.

I rank Poke Bar best in Scottsdale.

— Jon

The food is fresh and the restaurant is clean. Flavors were on point! Servers were very kind and patient! Will return again!

— John

First one to pop up when I googled pokey near me (wasn't actually the closest or near : 15 min away) SOOOO WORTH IT. kinda expensive compared to other pokey places I've been to but definitely worth it I liked how the rice was just a scoop not like half the bowl. I do half rice and half spring mix so I prefer this. The lady working was very nice and I liked how they already had protein options mixed with stuff: Hawaiian tuna or the wasabi tuna. I got the Hawaiian l also sooooo good
I definitely recommend this place

— Sarah

How did it take me so long to find this sweet spot in Scottsdale! My two friends from the Bay Area and I were craving something fresh and decided to give Poke Bar a try. Immediately by the simple name and simple location I thought this place would also offer simple flavor - wrong, it was great!

The portion size is perfect, there is a whole spread of different fresh proteins and all the mix-ins you can think of! Great options for multiple scoops and completely make it your way poke dish! They also have great Mochi options for dessert and if you check in you get a free one!

I was shocked that this has been sitting right under my nose but I'm so glad we've finally been introduced! My friends from the SF Bay can have fresh fish all the time and they completely approved of this spot! Overall great win and successful visit. Can't wait to go back!

Also very friendly staff!

— Ashley

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