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3425 West Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85053, US

Phone: (602) 863-1881


Preserve the family heritage by providing you with the best service.


I have been posting so many meh reviews I wanted to balance it out by reaffirming the good ones.

First of all, think dive. This is not a "restaurant" per se. It is a family owned Italian joint and all the people who cook there (from what I have seen) are men. There is no ambiance unless you are into 1970/1980s local pizza joint with sports on the multiple tvs blaring and people eating pizza, wings, and getting pitchers of beer. There is nothing wrong with that ambiance, just know if you go.

Why do I give it 5 stars? The food. The food is that good. These days I have been so disappointed with the restaurants. They charge so much but most of what they serve is pre-packaged/frozen food. How do I know this? Simple. You just ask - "do you make it from scratch here?" When I cook, I like to cook using real ingredients and from scratch. I see the link between what you put into your mouth and the health consequences. I want to feed my kids whole, real foods.

This place 1) makes their own pizza dough, 2) bakes their own bread fresh daily for their side rolls and hoagies, 3) makes their own pastas (try their lasagna... amazing), 4) makes their own creamy Italian salad dressing, and 5) has real grated parmesan to top your food, not the synthetic stuff.

Don't expect to pay chain store prices. You will pay more. But, for fresh food, it is worth it. We do not go often because my kiddos eat a lot but it is definitely worth trying out, and a possible vendor to cater your event because the food is really good.

— Sarah

Amazing food as always, super friendly service. I always get the spaghetti and my table shared a pizza. With my meal also came with a salad with delicious dressing and some warm bread and butter. Pretty cheap and it's more than worth it.

— Maddie

Man I haven't been here sence high-school and it's just like I remember so so pizza cripy crust witch i like very lite cheese and a super acidic pizza sauce that hurt my stumic and the same older grouchy guy at the counter looks the same too but there not bad price for what you get

— Royce

Disgusting pizza, even worse zucchini and even worse service. The old man working was so rude and grouchy and even caught him picking his nose while he looked me right in the eyes. Hated this visit

— Launi

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