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44 North Old Litchfield Road, Litchfield Park, AZ, 85340, US

Phone: (623) 535-6661


Breakfast, Lunch, Espresso Bar and Liquor


Great good, and love the area.
You're in the heart of Litchfield, and there's no better place to be!
This place can get busy if you don't plan ahead.

But it's a cute little spot for an early morning breakfast!

— Austin

OMG if there were ****** stars available, this restaurant would have my vote. We are in the Avondale, AZ area for MH repairs and stumbled upon this STAR for breakfast. It was so outstanding, we had to come back a few days later to sample the breakfast menu again and we certainly were not let down. Service staff are very friendly and this place was hopping on both mornings when we arrived at 8:00 AM opening (Wednesday and then Friday). There was a short line of 3-4 tables ahead of us both visits. We were seated in less than 5 minutes. In the hour we were there the restaurant was packed full, so plan accordingly. Now on to the fun part!

First visit food: Inside dining

First meal was the breakfast special for the day of a Wet Burrito. It consisted of skirt steak, avocado slices, strips of poblano peppers and then smothered in a FANTASTIC slightly spicy red sauce with goat cheese sprinkles and finished with cilantro. The portion size was probably 1-1/2 pounds and the amount of steak was amazing. The real star of the show here was the flavor of the sauce. While I would have preferred it had more chiles in it, the heat was certainly excellent. I thought I could taste a hint of cinnamon in the spices as well. All in all this was amazing. Cost was $13.00 and was served alone. Coffee was bottomless and priced at $2.50 if I remember correctly.

Second meal was the Breakfast Burrito w/Seasonal Fruit cup. Consists of scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese, wedges of sweet potato and choice of meats. Standard meat options for the burrito were: pork bacon, chorizo, chicken, ham, or maple chicken sausage or steak ($2 up charge). We chose bacon well done super crispy and chipotle sauce on the side although it was forgotten. $10 was the cost for the plate and the flavor here was also fantastic. The fresh fruit consisted of cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, musk melon and pineapple. The fruit cup was amazingly large with exquisite freshness and flavors. Down side of the burrito was the bacon was not as crisp as requested, but choose not to send it back. The server (Ser....) was appropriately responsive when informed of the "crispness" error and apologized. Fresh brewed iced tea $2.50.

Sitting inside by the front door was quite loud as the restaurant has full brick interior walls with concrete floor. Noise level was quite lively to the point of over-bearing. Music should be turned down as well. The restaurant has ample covered patio dining that is lovely, but with the staff and guests continually in and out with the front door slamming against the frame, it became obnoxious.

Refills on both coffee and tea could be improved for sure!

Second visit food: Patio dining

First meal ordered was the same Wet Burrito. As it was a special only on the previous stay, they were extremely accommodating to make the same dish again. It was excellent on this visit as well. Sauce was again the star of the much so that I asked if I could by it as an open food item and the obliged my request for $7.00. I would estimate the portion size of the container to be 16 ounces.

Second meal ordered was the Traditional Breakfast of two eggs any style, with bacon or apple sausage. Choice of either fruit cup, potatoes or two pancakes $10. Chose scrambled eggs, CRISP bacon and fruit cup. Substituted sourdough toast for potatoes/pancake option. Expressed to the server about the issue previous day of crisp bacon and he said he would make sure kitchen was aware. Plate arrived and everything was as requested, with the only problem being was that the bacon appeared to have been placed in the fryer to achieve crisp request. Not the best end result, but it was crisp - greasy. Fruit cup remained the star of the show once again. This time requested the brewed ice tea in a to go cup at order and they were great to do so.

Refills on coffee were excellent, never offered on tea refills.

The vibe of this restaurant is excellent. Turning down the music inside would definitely improve the dining experience and solving the slamming front door would work wonders as well. Ironically, on our second visit they did prop open the front door 45 mins after open which was greatly appreciated. I would say that for all of the dining for breakfast we have had in Arizona, this is by far the best we have had to date this year. We have spent about the last 2 months in the state.

I highly recommend this business!

— Kevin

We recently returned to this place from MESA! We love going to this place when we visit family!

We brought our puppy sat outside and loved the grass across the street!

The food amazing still and the staff was very helpful!

Only 2 complaints - 1 the restroom needs to be fixed its very run down and the staff great but sometimes seems lost and over whelmed because we received our food with no forks to eat so we sat their waiting and kept asking for forks to eat.

Other then 2 complaints keep up the great work!

— Michael

I arrived at 9:50 on a busy Sunday morning with a friend. We asked to sit outside and was told it would be a 30 minute wait.

Five minutes later, we were sat in a corner table in the sunshine with a perfect view of the blue skies and a row of palm trees.

Our server was decent but not the best. Our meals took a long while to arrive and mine was cold but I was hungry so I didn't complain.

I ordered two eggs, toast, chicken sausage and a fruit cup. Pretty basic and nothing I'd rush to order again but it was filling for $10.

Their menu is Mexican inspired which makes sense however I'm not really a fan of that type of food so I'd go for the ambiance alone.

— Sara

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