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4349 West Bell Road, Glendale, AZ, 85308, US

Phone: (602) 942-6666


We are thrilled to introduce new delicious dishes to our menu. Please come and enjoy!


Great Biriyani place. I have to give props to this place the only Biriyani place I came across that gives full egg with the Biriyani and so far fresh aromatic Biriyani. Naan is very good. I'm yet explore more variety in this place

— Poorna

Their food tastes really good. And the portion is big.
I would give them 4 stars just for the food, but their service is... hmm it could be improved. Like a lot!

So my friend and I came here for Sunday lunch, there were so many people waiting for the pick-up. They said it would take 40 minutes for onion dosa, and we were like 'ok, we can wait' and anyways we ordered a mango lassi and pepper chicken as well.
However, even to have a cup of lassi took them like 30 minutes, no water, and we had to ask them for the lassi, otherwise they wouldn't get us the lassi. And eventually we got our food served an hour and twenty minutes after we ordered the food, until then no water and nothing.

I understand being busy everything but they could pay some attention to their customers, at least could give customers some water to drink..

Well... yeah. But the food was good though :)

— Sophie

We ordered in the name of my wife renuka Devi through door dash, my bill was around 68$ we ordered veg dum biryani but got paneer biryani even we though by mistake and okay with that but it was cold and gravy along was very cold, this is what you treat the customers who order with you regularly?? Check my Yelp reviews I'm the regular customer ...
Finally we decided we will not order any more from you and you guys never reverted on any complaints also . Frustrated and worst customer service.. then
Ordered paneer tikka, got without any onion salad on the box , tandoori chicken good though and no accompaniment was provided along with kebabs.. find the photos of your food so that you understand what you guys have giving to us.
I also run a restaurant but not like this and never treat with wrong order if so we make it right and get back the customer again..

— Karthik

Really great food, we ordered the butter chicken and we also asked them to make it very very mild as we have young children five-year-old three-year-old and one-year-old that are not accustomed to spicy food and they did an amazing job making the butter chicken that was just the right level of spiciness. We'd love coming here and eating their amazing food. We also highly recommend their none. It goes really well with their butter chicken.

— Fahim

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