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4920 West Thunderbird Road, Glendale, AZ, 85306, US

Phone: (602) 298-0110


Ohya has a wide variety of Sushi, Korean BBQ, and East Asian-influenced soups, sides, and desserts. You can taste the freshness of our melt-in-your mouth Sashimi, the spice in our authentic Korean BBQ, and the zing in our wide variety of Sake. If you're looking for a great time with friends and family, try one of our private karaoke rooms. Sing your heart out while enjoying a complete dining experience, we bring everything right to you! Every night is a great night at Ohya Sushi, Korean Kitchen & Bar!


I was hesitant on writing this review.... but I believe constructive criticism is necessary for owners.

I was there dining with friends on Sunday around 3pm. The remodel looks nice (great job). First we got sat in the front by the poles.... there were open tables everywhere, at first the table was ok but as the sun started setting it was blaring straight into our eyes. As I was getting into the booth there are metal plugs sticking up from the floor right where you scoot into the booth and hit my ankle really hard on it. (If you have cameras you can review) Maybe have the servers tell your customers to watch below the booth because no one looks as their scooting in to be seated.

Next our server was not the best... barely checked in on us, seemed like she just had a bad attitude the whole time and when a large party walked in she was huffing and puffing annoyed.

Finally this is the big one, I did receive food poisoning, I woke up Monday morning around 1am vomiting and more.... I was so sick I almost went to the ER. I had the spicy tuna and the house roll. My other friends did not get sick but they also did not eat any of my food. We all shared the kimchi fried rice so it had to be from the sushi....

I spent all yesterday sick and had to call off work I feel a lot better today which pin points the food poisoning.

This was very hard to write because I love going to this spot and normally have a very good experience but this experience was not good at all.

— Angela

irst off, I did not come here for KBBQ, which I'm assuming is there speciality, so I'm honestly assuming that's their area but not for tonkotsu ramen, gyoza, nor really the sushi. Gyoza was super dry and even with the sauce it was bland, the kpop roll and another bulgogi type roll were alright but honestly the cream cheese carried it. As for the ramen, everything was bland (broth,egg, meat, noodles) but they do give you a variety of toppings so props for that, but it doesn't make up for the flavor. Definitely could have had better service but w/e. Ambience was alright, weird selection in music for a restaurant. Like mentioned KBBQ is probably good but definitely wouldn't come again

— Anthony

The service was very friendly.
The Galbi was amazing!
the Sundubu was extremely disappointing.
The bibimbap was filling, but still disappointing.
All the side were lovely, except the kimchi was VERY OFF.

This place has a lot of potential but they should really find an Ajima that knows how to cook a proper Korean meal to teach their current cooks. They are doing their best, but unfortunately we will not be returning.

— Brenda

The place is in a strip mall, among other places. I went from reviews looking for a sushi spot to eat near the game store I wanted to check out. People will lie on bullshit like this... but no. I will not. I stood there for 8 minutes, no wait, servers looked at me, but they didn't sit me. I smiled. I dress well. And they just looked like I shouldn't be there. I left. Did you ignore me cause I'm a square?

I wasn't gonna review this place...

Again I tried to eat here; because it was this or arby's and I stood there. Waited. Ignored again. Was it my iPad I was holding? Was my tie not up to your standard? Did you think perhaps I looked like I wouldn't pay or tip? ( cause I even tip for poor service )

After 11 minutes I asked the not busy annoyed server if I could get a table or sit at the bar. She ignored me and walked to the back. No one sat me. I had arby's. It was gross. But life endures.


Now, a third time; I am not a glutton for punishment. This time I had my friend insisting this was the best sushi. ( I think my friend has never had good sushi). I said, I tried twice. We stand there for 5 mins. The place wasn't busy. We finally were sat and didn't even get our drink order let alone give us menus. She did finally come back after 8 or more minutes. ( my eyes are on my watch because the past events ) The food took forever, the drinks were par. And the server seemed to be annoyed to be there or just at life or maybe she didn't like two hungry people she had to deal with.

I can't help peoples general malaise but maybe go do something more ambitious with your life then. Everyone there exudes snobbish behavior why are you so rude. It Took a while especially after it took forever getting. She's seemed as bland as gyoza. Could this be the chefs, the servers or our fault? Hmmm.

Have you ever had "dry" fresh tuna. It feels dehydrated even though it was wet. Like if tongues were left out and some how lost it's freshness.

Apparently, I don't like eating sushi in landlocked cities. I forgive my friend who thought this place was tops, she later confessed it wasn't a place she had ever been to.

Bad service, long waiting, lots slow workers, meh food.

Meh. Perhaps I'm being harsh but have your tried firing everyone and get a new crew for your dinner or teach people how to be a better crew. If the sushi sucks and the people suck.... Maybe the place sucks. I mean that's what I vote.

What I learned from these experiences: anyone can be a stuck up jerk and serve mediocre food. But only the exceptionally awful get me to write a review about them.

— Ashes

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