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4130 North 83rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85033, US

Phone: (623) 873-1118


Established in 1969!
Your favorite bar & lounge just got revived!
Lots of draft choices & craft cocktails
Industry nights, karaoke, Live Djs
Pool tables, shuffleboard, darts & much more!


Best Dive Bar on 83rd Ave near I-10 freeway. Place has been here since I was a child my parents use to come here back in the early 80's. Classic dive bar, long bar with comfortable seating, you can drink and talk for hours, fun casual crowd, few pool tables & darts, and fun juke box.
The secret is to order beer by the small pitcher and always order premium drinks it's price for well in other parts of town. I don't think prices have changed since the late 80's so a sweet deal for patrons.
Bring cash they can run your debit card but give you amounts in $20 & $40's.
They have chips & jerky other than that no food with the exception of pot luck on occasion. Great place to do pre-drinking for cheap or drink before going to Cardinals Game.

— Sam

Waited so long for one effing single shot bruhhhh . Like y'all need help? Hire me ? Lmao I can make 20 lattes than these lames bitches

— Kloe

It's a basic bar.

There's nothing exceptional to drink here, just the same old domestics on tap. Liquor selection had nothing noteworthy either.

You could play a game of pool or darts, but it was quite crowded on a Saturday night, so you couldn't really enjoy it. There was standing room only, no patio, and a low quality sound system.

They don't even do tabs here. They will charge your card 20 or 40 dollars at a time, and just give you the difference in cash. That is just best. Just make it cash only.

Booze was cheap, and bartenders and security were very nice, however, so I guess I can give it two stars.

— Taric

Good hole in the wall bar and cheap drinks too! Just dont walk in your Quinceanera dress cause you are definitely in the wrong bar BUT if you do...make sure you bring cash . Lol

— CJ

So i enjoyed this dive bar but here is where my review turns sour now I order my drinks my total was $17.75 when handing my card to bartender I was asked do you want me to charge $20 or $40 I said $20 confused on why my card just couldn't be charged the total. The bartender than notify me and said we do this so we can be tipped in cash. Other issue I had was the bartender was not handing me the customer copy of my purchase due to the machine only printing the receipt for the customer to sign. I was told I couldn't get my copy due to the other bartender making another purchase. Which again left me confused order 3 rounds in total this night received $2.25 cents each purchase due to her charging $20. Fast forward so the mourning time I checked my statements due to my car payment not processing. I was charged $42.00 3 times. I was furious. Called next day to speak to manager who than said I needed to bring in slips my receipts. Which I never received... now I've had to make a police report due to theft. Because this is stealing hopefully this doesn't happen to you or now you know you aren't crazy if this has happened to you. It's very unfortunate because I had a good time at the bar until a brawl broke out. Ask for your slips an always check... KEEP YOU RECEIPTS!!!

— Jessica

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