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7273 North 95th Avenue, Glendale, AZ, 85305, US

Phone: (623) 877-4500


Native Grill & Wings is a beloved wings franchise in the Southwest, especially in the Phoenix area where it started in the late 1970s. Native was the first to bring Buffalo-style wings to the Southwest and have won over generations of customers with great food and a family-friendly sports bar ambiance.


Food is delicious as always!! We had a long drive and enjoyed wings before the Cardinals game. Loved the Sunday atmosphere and the fact that they put the games and times on the TVs was absolutely genius!!!

— K C

Bro they deserve this review servers are stupid as fuck like they truly are dumb as fuck like it's a fucken joke came in at 12:22 they proceeded to serve some one else while me and two other lady's were waiting they definitely deserve a zero for the dumb ass Mexican in the front anyways brother said they wings dry as fk that be that native shii

— Tiffany

I have eaten at a Native Grille several times so I decided to stop in and have a few wings for dinner since it's been awhile since I have been to Phoenix.

First let me say there was only 5 customers there when I arrived and it was easy to get a seat. After being seated, the server quickly greeted me and took my order. Unfortunately that was where her good service ended. After receiving my food she did not check on me again until I was 99% done eating even though she was hanging out in the corner socializing with her fellow workers. This wouldn't have been much of a problem if I hadn't been sitting there for the last 15 minutes with an empty glass.

The food...a disappointment. I ordered half bbq and half chicken and waffle wings and they arrived luke warm and they have obviously went from a medium size wing to the smalls. These wings were EXTRA small. The bbq flavor was good, but the chicken and waffle wings had no taste whatsoever. Again I have had these exact wings at another one of their properties and they were very good. Hence why I ordered them again.

I may try a different property, but the combination of poor service and bad food has ruled out me coming back here.

— Jay

Food is always good here- service too- but WHY is a dog allowed in here- not a service dog- not a support dog- just a dog in here and no one tells them no??? This is insanity- and I am a dog lover- and this one is cute- but ridiculous that this lady was allowed to bring in her dog just because?? Come on Native- you allow this one and next time you'll have dogs at every table. Take a stance and stick with it- put your foot down and and tell them to leave.

— Amy

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