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10627 North 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85029, US

Phone: (602) 331-1018


Mr Wong a home of good food and great taste


I think this place is appropriately rated 3.5 star. On the positive side they give you big portions. Two entrees can feed 3-4 people.
The food is good, the beef chow fun was our favorite dish! The orange chicken I thought was just ok. Our friends love this place & order for pick up all the time.
If you're looking for top quality Chinese food then you probably should look elsewhere. The chow fun was really good but not top notch 5 star.
This place offers a good value for the quantity size. It's not the best but it's a good option for families on a budget that just want good~ not fantastic..
I'm pretty sure the place only offers take out at this time. If I'm in the area and craving low cost & decent Chinese I may just order away!!
I'm still on the lookout for Chinese that will blow me away!!
Happy eating!

— Justin

Kind of average

Today, we wanted Chinese for lunch. We decided to visit Mister Wong. This restraunt , offers a great lunch menu, which includes soup and fried rice.

On this vist we had the lemon chicken and bbq pork fried rice. The food was fresh, hot, and good however, nothing really stood out, the food was just kind of average, it wasn't bad just not great.

Service was attentive and our food was delivered quickly

— Deni

After my past experience, I would give this place 0 stars.

I ordered the pork Lo Mein along with a few other items later at night. I called ahead of time to ask if they had time to make my order- they said yes. Great. I proceed to order and she tells me to hurry and get there before close- I got ready in the 10 minutes she said it would take and left. We had no issues until we went to eat our food. The pork lo mein wasn't hot enough to eat. It wasn't ice cold but it felt like when you put leftovers in the microwave and only the top gets hot. For obvious reasons, I don't proceed to eat the food, I throw it away and head to In'N'Out. I figured since it was after they closed, there was no point in trying to call and get a replacement or refund- I'll just call the next day.

Upon calling, I explain the situation very calmly and with great understanding. I work in the food industry so food safety and customer service are 2 VERY huge aspects of running a restaurant. This particular restaurant doesn't seem to care for either. I was told "I don't think so" "Its not my fault" "How can I trust you" "Bring back the food so I know you didn't eat it" "We don't offer refunds" "There's no one else that can speak with you" My question is, why would you ask a customer to bring back old food. I understand some people cheat the system but I have never heard a restaurant worker so defensive about something that could've been an accident. I try my hardest to be patient and explain to her I'm not angry or appalled, I just wanted the food I paid money for. At this point she hangs up on me because the conversation isn't going her way. I call back. I tried my best to ask for another person to talk to so I can explain my situation and I was basically told she was the only one that works there. I gave up at that point. It was convenience that brought me here but it was the lack of food safety practice and respect that will keep me away.

0/10 would not recommend.

— Christopher

I have been looking for a place for Chinese Takeout in my new neighborhood (so I didn't have to keep driving all the way back to my old haunts) tried this place today.
Orange Chicken, Mongolian Beef, and King Pau Chicken were excellent and when it's bumped up with Egg rolls, Crab Puffs, and Spring Rolls - it was all on point for movie night (and left overs). Another customer raved about the Shrimp Fried that will be next time. Can't wait for that!

— Stephanie

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