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14291 West Grand Avenue, Surprise, AZ, 85374, US

Phone: (623) 975-5560


Grand opening! Now offering Pick-up,Walking and Delivery.


We ordered a beef and chicken to go. We eat Chinese once weekly and thought we would try a new place.
Picked up on time, no
Got home and after a few nights my wife said she couldn't eat the chicken...felt/tasted slimy. My beef and vegetables was SO boring I ended up tossing.
Well, more room for a desert now but 100 perc wasted money

— Bryan

Just moved to Surprise from NYC. In NY I ate a lot of Chinese. Lucky House was the first place I ordered from when I was craving Chinese. I always order the same. Hot and Sour soup. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce. Singapore Mei Fun. My verdict? 10 stars!!! Everything I ordered was perfect. Even though they add a little too much oil to the soup that's okay. Tasted just like NY. The only downside. I got used to getting unlimited packets of soy and hot mustard sauce in NY. Here I get nothing. But that's okay. The taste of the food is the most important. Thank you Lucky House

— Andrew

Food was ordered for delivery. They were prompt, the food was delicious, warm. and as ordered. This was our second order with them. We liked the food each time.

Hot and Sour soup, Crab Rangoon, Cashew Chicken, and Happy Family were all excellent.

— Joan

I went to LH because my wife, who's gravely ill, craved egg rolls. I ordered 4 egg rolls and a large "well done" spare rib order. I paid and waited in my car. A young kid brought my order out and I drove home. When I got home, I opened the bag and the egg rolls were missing!! I called LH and complained. They said I didn't order any egg rolls!! I said I did, (but you can't argue with incompetent help)! I called and ordered (2nd time) 4 egg rolls and I said I'll be there in 5 minutes. When I arrived, not only did they did NOT have the order ready, they had no idea what I was talking about!! I ordered (3rd time) my 4 egg rolls! A few minutes later, they brought out a bag, so I ripped the bag open to check if they finally got it right. When I got home, I gave my wife what she craved.

When I went to eat my bone-in spare ribs, they weren't well done. They were greasy and fatty and totally unappealing!! Not wanting to go back to LH again, I went back the next morning. I gave them back the spare ribs and I told them how disappointed I was in their food and lack of customer service. An older, Asian woman exited from behind the curtain and I told her why I was upset. She offered me a free bottle of water, but not to re-do the spare ribs or refund my money. As a customer, I felt they couldn't care less they screwed up so badly, so many times and I told them exactly how I felt!! I charged out and said I would post this. TAKE MY ADVICE, DO NOT EAT HERE!!

— Mitch

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