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5114 West Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ, 85301, US

Phone: (623) 931-2311


Hooper's Bar is the best Glendale Bar for cocktails, to hang out, eat food, play pool, play darts, catch a live band, and specials during all major sports.


My friend Lisa mentioned a band here last nite and I had no idea what to expect but was greeted by a respectul giant of a man wearing a back the badge t shirt (and I have respect for law enforcement). I walked in and the women working the bar were super pretty and workin their tail ends off. Both just super kind. The band playing was off the hook (for a cover band, would be nice to have seen a few Originals) but they were good and really chill peeps. Very patriot TRUE AZ crowd which was nice to see. Will definitely return.

— Jay

I like to come here on Friday afternoons when I get out of work early, so by afternoon I mean around 11am. The reason for 4 stars is they no longer have a cook, so no food. I have to say their food was great so I hope they get a new cook. The only bartender I have encountered is MJ and she's the reason we keep coming back. She told us we could bring food in, but no drinks. This compromise is helpful, because I go here straight from work and I need lunch to accompany my end of week drink.
I generally have a whiskey sour, but I have been drinking margaritas lately. She discusses the different tequilas with us and we generally have a different type every week.
They have bands, a patio and a pool table, but I cannot comment on any of those things since I haven't used them or been there for them.

— April

I stopped at Hoopers last night after 150 mile motorcycle ride. Carolyn behind the bar is absolutely awesome and amazingly nice. The customers were the same just good hard-working people nice neighborhood bar. No I don't live in this neighborhood but I will stop again. I did ask for tacos because it's on their chalkboard but a different bartender said we don't have any food so I said erase that please LOL.

— Brad

Noooooo I'm tired of all these boring neighborhood bars in Glendale. You can afford to add something other than budmillercoors on tap. Do something cool. Step into the 2010s. Like, *at least* Four Peaks could be useful here. I feel the same way about going to Hooper's as I would going on a date with someone who starts their day with a PSL and a Meghan Trainor album. Basic as fuck, I want no part of it.

Bartender was nice, but I don't trust anyone at a place like this to mix more than two ingredients. So I went with something simple--Red Stag and coke. The coke was flat. Whatever, let's check out what's going on with the jukebox...which was apparently not connecting with the internet. OK OK, it was becoming comically bad. At least it's got a patio, even if it is incredibly narrow.

Overall, this is the kind of bar you only go to for convenience and not because it's cool. The west valley overall is raising the bar for a good dive, and I hope Hooper's can recognize that and catch up. Two stars for being clean, polite, and having a respectable liquor selection, but there ain't much else.

Modest sports bar

— Taric

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