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17224 North 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85023, US

Phone: (602) 789-6400


This is a great place when you want Mexican food. Always fresh and tasty. Wait a tad long but they don't keep things under a lamp like Taco Bell. Only thing that I hate IMO is the menu has too many options. I hate deciding as it is! Also it would help non-Spanish speaking customers to have English next to Spanish words so I don't have to use google when ordering.
Highly recommend this place
One photo is my receipt. Not a bad total for three people's dinner.


Today was not a good day to eat a chicken(Pollo Asada) burrito. Let's dive right into the ingredients. First they always make the food to order which increases the wait times for everyone in the drive thru line. Once we are able to communicate with the person taking our order using a terrible speaker, we place an order for the Pollo Asada burrito for only $8.25. The sign out front says $6.99 after 3pm. Now what is in this thing. Our first bite we got a large chuck of dark meat chicken along with fat and gristle. Oh now another flavor becomes dominant and it's very strong onions and in fact the entire burrito is just full of onions, awful! The grease from the fat drips down your hands and on your clothes, yuk! My wife stops eating her burrito in an attempt to remove some of the onions but no luck. It's difficult since the combination of grease and onions is very slippery. There is something green inside as well and it might be guacamole not sure ? Our eating experience in the parking lot left us commenting how this can't be the same establishment. I threw my burrito to a few blackbirds rather than having to smell the thing all the way home. To my surprise the birds refused to eat it, well I guess they know what's edible. Conclusion just ask those birds.

— Bob L.

First off, the employee working tonight was under the influence. He messed up our order and did not give the right amount of sauce after we had to prompt him several times after asking how many.
Horrible service.

— Tanner

The first time I ever had a California Burrito was at a Filiberto's in San Diego (Linda Vista Rd). Fast forward 20 years later, and here in Arizona, they have Filiberto's everywhere. While not my favorite Taco Shop, they will do in a pinch. This location is fairly new and is in the former building that held KFC, right before Reems, on Bell Rd.

I was out and about and wanted some lunch. I decided to stop by and go through the drive thru. I went with a California Burrito and an Al Pastor Street Taco. My total was $12.50. Lady at the drive thru was friendly. Here is how the food was.............

Al Pastor Street Taco- Solid. Lots of al pastor, lots of onion and cilantro. Good tortillas. Very tasty taco. For $1.69, they are priced right for the size. I could easily eat 5 of these in a meal.

California Burrito- Huge! Weighed it on the kitchen scale at home and it came in at 23.74 ounces, so pretty much a pound and a half! This thing was stuffed with carne asada, fries and guacamole as well as some pico. Good tortilla. The burrito was just ok. Big, but I encountered quite a few pieces of gristle in the carne asada, and the meat itself wasn't seasoned the best. Had a few bites that just tasted like "beef". I think this burrito would have been better with sour cream in it instead of the guacamole. I ate most of it and it filled me up, but I have had much better California Burritos elsewhere.

Overall, glad I checked it out. BUT............. a few hours later, it hit me like a ton of bricks and had to head to the restroom. Not throwing up, out the Southern end. Not sure what it was, but it didn't agree with me. Could be that my stomach wasn't used to something like that (haven't been out much during COVID)? Who knows. Will i be back? Eh, maybe, probably not though.

— Tim S.

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