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9444 North 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85021, US

Phone: (602) 561-3723


El Caprichoso, the popular Phoenix hot dog stand where service is fast and courteous, and the Sonoran dogs are perfection. The split-top bun is always fluffy, the hot dog nicely charred and juicy, the beans nicely seasoned, and the various toppings — pico, a dusting of salty cheese, and a squiggle of mayonnaise — are carefully composed and balanced. The El Caprichoso Sonoran dog, enjoyed on a picnic table with a curbside view of the streets of Phoenix, is one of best dinners in town.


Bomb hot dogs but very over priced now (they were $3.50 & now $5). The wait is ridiculous, they need to get another location that is larger. There were cars parked on exits to beat the wait holding up the line for the cars waiting in the drive thru creating chaos. The drive thru mess is absurd & not to mention the long wait time applies when you are trying to dine-in, carry out, & call in your order. If you are looking for bomb hot dogs this is your place, but be prepared to wait longer than 45 min.

— Deanna

The perfect Soñoran hot dog does exist! In fact, you can find it in West Phoenix at this little hot dog stand. Everything about it is amazing... from the grilled onions, good placement of toppings, and toasted buns... it's just a magical experience.

Service is really fast so I can appreciate that despite having to go through a mission in finding a parking spot. You can expect this place to be busy on a regular basis... i would suggest bringing cash because there are local vendors selling bread and other goods at this location.

— Bryan

Unlike the El Caprichoso location on 19th Ave, this setup isn't quite as barebones. There's a giant canopy, slightly expanded menu options beyond hot dogs (e.g. nachos), as well as a convenient drive-thru option. Or at least as close as you're going to get to a drive-thru without operating out of a brick-and-mortar building.

This spot is located in a far, far busier spot than what's found on 19th Avenue. My girlfriend and I pulled up on a Friday night and the place was jam packed. However, service was relatively quick and the dogs we ordered were just as good as we've come to expect.

I've always been a big fan of Caprichoso. Allegedly, they were the very first place to serve Sonoran dogs in Phoenix. Thus far, my girlfriend and I have yet to find anyone that comes even remotely close to them in terms of flavor.
However, as I referenced in a recent review of their 19th Ave location, I was curious about consistency between their two spot. While both are excellent, I still feel that 19th Ave is the superior choice, which leads to me suspect that the maker is doing something slightly unique to their preparation methods.

Regardless, this is just nitpicking. Whether it's 35th or 19th, these are easily the best Sonoran dogs you'll find in Phoenix.

— Fabby C.

This place is so good! The bread is so fresh and delicious. The toppings are on point. I got my fully loaded.

— Katherine

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