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7539 West Peoria Avenue, Peoria, AZ, 85345, US

Phone: (623) 412-7828


Pizza, Pasta, Wings and Subs


Great service. Have eaten here a couple times.
Love the baked Ziti.
Had a medium pizza, salad and garlic knots delivered. All reasonably priced. Had enough
food for 3 easily.

— Brenda K.

Delish! The closest I've come to NY pizza in the Phoenix area. If you go, be sure to grab a made to order canoli! Yummo!

— V C.

This place was pretty decent. Love that it's family owned. We got cheese pizza and 10 Buffalo wings special. Only problem wings were not crispy like we asked and got the pizza little cooler than I expected

— Lina

We ordered a spread for the 2 of us because we eat like every day is our birthday.

This little family-run place is near a Planet Fitness & ice cream shop. There's lots of parking.

We dined inside. The seating is a little spaced out. They have Pepsi products for beverages. The food came out very quickly and was very hot.

The fried zucchini was pretty standard with other places that have fried zucchini. No surprises and it was what I expected.

The baby loved the garlic knots. The dough was fluffier than some places with garlic knots. Texturally it is very pleasing. I could handle a little more garlic flavor and salt/butter on it and then they would be perfect.

I ordered the spicy chicken Alfredo and the garlic knots and side salad came with it.

The salad was a fairly standard house side salad except I wasn't expecting olives. They probably had it listed somewhere and I wasn't paying attention. The ranch was not just squeezed out of a hidden valley bottle, so that was nice. It was thinner than some places with ranch but it's salad dressing so I really don't have a preference, except I wouldn't want it weirdly thick.

The spicy chicken Alfredo was not spicy at all for me. I was hoping for more. The sauce kind of tasted like there was coconut milk in it, which I didn't really like that much. Idk if there was coconut milk but that's how my brain associated it. There was sausage and chicken as well as red onion and green peppers. I like meat so that was a nice surprise. Normally I don't go for Alfredo sauce but I saw another review that it was good so I thought I'd step outside of my normal food pattern. Nah bruh. It wasn't my favorite. (It wasn't "gross" it just wasn't what I was looking for in an Alfredo sauce.) And to be fair, it's possible they didn't hear me say "spicy" because I was speaking quieter than I normally do.

Now for the pizza, we took it home, but the box was so big it didn't fit in either of my fridges. So it was a HUGE pizza. The crust was thin and couldn't handle the weight of the toppings. It was good, def not "the best" but definitely not "the worst". I felt like the pizza sauce was missing something, maybe some oregano. Toppings were generous.

Four stars bc the workers were really friendly. The baby even said it to me too.

They have tiramisu and I didn't order it and now I wish I did.

Come with your appetite and leave with to-go bags bc the portions are big.

— Rebekah

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