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Glendale, AZ, 85306, US

Phone: (623) 230-2920


At Casa De Falafel we serve the most delicious Mediterranean food. Falafel is our special dish and people are crazy for it. We have an open kitchen system which means you see how your food is being cooked and handled. You have the choice to whether try our signature sandwich or pick your own toppings.

Established in 2016.

The restaurant is new, we barely opened on 5/22/16. Gladly, the number of costumers is increasing everyday because of our delicious food and our magnificent service.


Highly recommend this place. Great experience the two visits I've had here. Their lentil soup is delightful!!!

— Elias U.

My Wife and I have been going here regularly for years. This is probably some of the best falafel I've had outside of Jerusalem. Many places that make Falafel burn the outside of the falafel, making it taste and feel unpleasant. Casa de falafel cook their falafel to a perfect golden brown crisp with a fluffy inside. Its an art, really. Go ahead and try it for yourself. We usually get the chicken shawarma wrap with a few falafel rings and the green sauce to add a little kick. Their lentil soup is also really good. I'm excited to try their hamburger next because I recently learned that its not just a regular burger but the meat has classic Iraqi spices in it. Mmmm cant wait.

Also the staff are probably some of the nicest and helpful people I've ever met. They recognize My family and me every time we walk in and it really feels like we are visiting family. 10/10 would recommend every time.

— Michael M.

The new location of Casa De Falafel is great. Much more seating and has a fresh clean feel to it.
In my humble opinion, I believe the food has gotten even better than the old establishment on 67th and Cactus.
The Chicken Shawarma sandwich is the real deal. The pickles in the sandwich take it to the next level. With garlic sauce, tomatoes, and onions ( not for me ) Outstanding!
Falafel Rings are light, crunchy, and just melt in your mouth like M & M's did when you were a kid.
The only sad thing about the NEW Casa De Falafel is that they don't have their freezer anymore to stock up on taking out Falafel Rings. They used to have packages of 12 in a box.
It's a little future away for me to travel ( Surprise) but I will pay the price of getting great food over a few more miles.

— Alan L.

This place is worth every bit of the 5 stars it is rated!!

The food is amazingly delicious no matter what item you choose and well worth every dollar spent!!

My wife and I have been here twice in the past two weeks and plan to come back regularly!!

— Zach S.

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