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8395 West Thunderbird Road, Peoria, AZ, 85381, US

Phone: (623) 776-3556


Our Food Is Fresh… Nothing Has Been Frozen​
Our initial idea for a richly flavored menu was that our recipes would be made fresh every day. And, that our meats or other food groups would ‘only’ be fresh and never frozen. As we were to find out, this concept is more easily attainable in a traditional sit-down restaurant. Our model, requested by the owner, called for a drive-thru format where a totally fresh menu would be provided for a fast-food restaurant and Phoenicians on the go.

The difficulty with serving fresh food in a fast-food delivery style is timing. In a regular restaurant, the food is ordered and the chef or cook puts the meats on the grill or flat top. When it’s done, it is served to the customer. However, in fast food, the traffic speeds have to be anticipated and cooked just ahead of the customer driving through the drive-up lane. Our Brushfire staff, led by Sione Saenz, was able to unlock the secrets of timing and stay committed to providing fresh, never frozen fast food to our customers that really tastes good.



We had never tried Brushfire until some fellow teachers went and picked it up for lunch one day.

Very, very yummy!!

They make a great Vegan Veggie Bowl.

We got again the other day for lunch and it was just as good as the first time.

Super tasty and great service.

This is definitely on our list for great Fav places!!

— Austin S.

An initial FYI - this place can be CRAZY BUSY between 9am-1pm since it's right next to the busiest Dutch Bros location in the valley. So, I highly recommend the online order ahead option versus waiting 30mins in the drive-thru line.

Now for the food.... I've mostly had the breakfast burritos at this location and they are SO good! Huge portion with eggs, potatoes, spicy mayo, and your meat of choice. I'm a major fan of chorizo and the chorizo at Brushfire is super flavorful but not too greasy. My husband prefers the steak breakfast burrito and is always quite happy with the flavor and portion. They have a wide selection of salsas to choose from and you can customize your burrito as you see fit.

I have had the tacos and some tapas from this location in the past and everything was very good. The chicken and steak tacos are my favorites and all of the toppings and salsas are super fresh. Good portions but can get pricey depending on what you order. However, compared to other mexican and tex-mex restaurants the pricing is pretty average. I'd highly recommend checking out Brushfire Tacos Y Tapas if you're in the area!

— Lavinia C.

Everything was onolicious

One problem... My steak shrimp burrito was a salt . Seriously. Every other bite was salty.

Great service but haole guy.

— Jess M.

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