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6033 West Bell Road, Glendale, AZ, 85308, US

Phone: (602) 978-1177


Ah-So Sushi & Steak serves a wide array of fresh sushi and Asian-inspired dishes in a lively and fun environment.



Came here for date night after craving gyoza. The service was great from everyone that we saw. Both the tempura and gyoza were delicious. My husband got the salmon and tuna sashimi as well as the Kraken roll. He really enjoyed the sashimi. We'll definitely be back.

— Shara N.

We also enjoy our experience here but tonight I felt compelled to write a review for the amazing service we received from Jennifer.

— Ashley B.

My wife and I were all over the west valley today. Actually, we'll be living in Sun City West until at least September because we are selling our house in Scottsdale and building a new home at Trilogy Verde River (to find it, go north on Pima to Dynamite. Go east on Dynamite until you see a sleeping cow. Tip the cow and then continue another four thousand miles and then you are at Trilogy Verde River.).

Anyway, she needed an allergy shot and we were hungry. After the shot, we stopped at Ah-So at 75th Avenue and W. Paradise Lane.

First of all, the place is immaculately clean. Bathrooms, floors, tables, bar. I don't know who their janitor is but I want his number. The restaurant is modern and pretty quiet compared to some of the Scottsdale sushi joints.
The good stuff. I ordered two rolls. The pictures I included in this review are of the 'What the Heck' roll. Simply put, this was stupid good and the presentation was beautiful. The roll was pretty simple containing tempura shrimp, rice, and a rice paper wrapper. On top of the roll was a pile of a variety of super fresh fish including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, bass and I don't know what else. The sauces surrounding the dish were amazing. Sweet, a little spicy, and perfect for dragging everything else through them.

I also ordered the Fiesta roll. It was billed as spicy but I'd call it pungent. It had some heat but I added wasabi to really clear my sinuses. To be honest, I don't remember everything on the roll but it was delicious.

My wife ordered the sashimi. They don't sell it like most sushi restaurants. Rather than by the piece, I think they sell by weight. She ordered the salmon and yellowtail. She received about six pieces of each. They were expertly cut, fresh, and from what she told me, lovely.

If you're in the west valley and you like sushi, this is a must-try. Four Bumbles.

— Allen F.

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